Natural juices


Our juices are uniques.

At Félix Palacios we decided to squeeze cold fruit of the best quality to make fresh juices that retain all their properties, aromas and flavors. A unique product, since nobody dared to produce fresh juice for its short commercial life.

But since we almost did not have time to enjoy them, we incorporated HPP technology, which applies high isostatic pressure, to enjoy them for longer without reducing their natural properties.

Now, we have added new varieties of natural juices and fruit drinks, new formats of 750ml. and also, a naked design, with which you can see the interior with which you can see the interior with all its color.

The Felíxia juices are 100% natural, so you must keep the cold chain at all times. It also happens that when it is natural, at rest its components can dissociate, shake it a little and that's it!

Formats: 250, 500, 750 and 1.000ml. · We also have a professional format of 5 liters.

Natural juice treated with high pressure

Unpasteurized - no additives - no preservatives without ascorbic acid - without added sugars

The Classics

- Orange

- Orange/Apple

- Orange/Mango

- Orange/Carrot

- Pomegranate

- Tangerine

- Orange/Strawberry

- Orange/Tangerine

- Mint lemonade

Detox and functional

- AntiOx

- AntiOx/Apple

- Soursop

- Soursop/Mint

- Soursop/Blueberries

- Soursop/Raspberry

- Apple/Ginger/Spinach

- Carrot/Ginger/Beet

- Orange/Pineapple/Ginger