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Since 1948 we work to offer our clients
the best fruits and vegetables.

Our Company

· Business turnover: 50 Mill.€

· Staff: 170 employees

· 200 t of product/day

· 8,000 m2 of installations

· Work centres: Madrid, Alicante and Toledo

With headquarters in MercaMadrid, from our logistics platforms and refrigerated warehouses we distribute fresh products daily to national and international markets. We are committed to quality and innovation throughout our group's companies:

· Palacios Roca, S.A.

· Félix Palacios, S.L.

· La Flor de San Miguel, S.L.

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Quality fresh products.
That is our hallmark.

Product Lines

Whether produced by us or our partners and suppliers, our product lines make up the largest possible selection and qualities.

· Fruits
· Vegetables
· Exotic Fruits
· BIO and Organic

· Nuts
· Beans
· Spices and Salts
· Pickled preserves

· Natural juices (hpp)
· Tapenade and Hummus
· Artesian potato chips
· Fresh- Cut Salads

· Peeled fruit
· Vegetable soups
· Vegetable snacks
· Skewers and processed foods

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Traditional way or last digital markets.
We bring fresh fruits and vegetables to the
national and international markets.

Our Markets

Our markets are there where a quality product is demanded.

For more than 70 years we have been delivering fresh fruits and vegetables to the most diverse national and international markets, and through a variety of channels.